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Sales Leadership

It's not selling Avon, it's sharing Avon. Share your brochures and share the Avon opportunity. For anyone that is looking to earn an additional income, inform them of the Avon opportunity. Not only will they receive additional income, but so will you. It's a win-win situation!

Avon Rise Up Program beginning Campaign 20 2016 to replace the Journey to Gold: https://chicagosnatalie.com/2016/09/04/avon-rise-up-incentive-for-leaders-cash-bonuses-up-to-38500/

Avon Journey to Gold

Leadership Incentives

Journey to Gold Incentives

Campaign 6-19, 2016 (Trendsetter Campaign 8-21)

Introducing new simpler, bigger rewards as you move up through Advanced Leadership. See guide below for all program details.

Journey to Gold Recruiting

For Non-Leadership Representatives, Promoters, Star Promoters, Ambassadors, Silver Ambassadors and Gold Ambassadors

Receive $35 for each Qualified New Recruit in your First Generation and $10 for each First Generation Representative who places a $100+ order in their LOA 2-4.

For Leaders, Silver Leaders, Gold Leaders, and Executive Leaders

NEW: Receive $35 for each Qualified New Recruit (QNR) in your first Generation during the incentive period. For the purpose of this incentive the QNR must be a traditional recruit (not from an Avon generated lead such as ALMA)

Receive additional earnings percentage on your First Generation Representatives’ LOA 1-4 orders of $100+.

Promote + Maintain + Mentor Rewards

For All Levels of Ambassador

Get cash rewards starting at $100 when you advance in Leadership title, and additional cash rewards for both you and your upline/mentor when you maintain your new title for three consecutive campaigns.

For All Levels of Leader & Above

Get $250 when you advance to Leader, Silver Leader, or Gold Leader. Mentor first generation Representatives to advance and get $375